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Anonymous Do-Gooder Handing Out $100 Bills to Fast-Food Workers

A Secret Santa is making the holidays bright for fast-food employees in Massachusetts.

Oleksandr Pashchenko/Shutterstock

Fast-food employees in Hyannis, Massachusetts have been benefiting from a local "secret Santa," of sorts: The Boston Globe reports workers at five fast-food restaurants have all received gifts from an anonymous man who's been handing out white "Merry Christmas" envelopes, each containing a $100 bill. Workers at two local locations of Dunkin' Donuts and McDonald's have reported getting visits from the man, who "always hands out the same number of white envelopes as there are employees." At one local coffee shop, an assistant manager says the man asked her how many workers were employed there, then left behind the exact number of money-filled envelopes (15) so each employee would receive a holiday gift.

According to residents, an anonymous person does the same thing every year — sometimes using other people to deliver money in his place. (Last year, according to reports, a woman acting on the Santa's behalf left $50 envelopes at restaurants around town.) Of course, the practice of mega-tipping is not new, but it's nice to see someone giving an unexpected boost to the group of restaurant workers currently fighting for a higher minimum wage.