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Budweiser, Corona, Margarita, and Martini Top Google's Year in Search 2014

A look at the top food and booze terms of the year.

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Today, Google released its Year in Search 2014, an annual list of the top search words across the globe. Recipes remain among the most searched for food-related terms, but people are also very curious about beer and cocktails. Budweiser, Corona, Keystone, and Miller topped the list of the most searched-for beer names. Unsurprisingly, hipster favorite PBR made the cut and landed at number eight on the list.

On the cocktail side of things, Google reveals that Margaritas are still the most searched for alcoholic beverage. Martinis, Sangrias, Mojitos, and Mimosas round out the top five. The Dude's favorite, the White Russian, made the cut; the Grasshopper did not.

Plenty of people searched for diet-related terms this year, as in years past. The top three diets for 2014 according to Google are Paleo, Atkins, and Gluten Free.

Somewhat surprisingly, lots of people are curious about how many calories are in a banana (bananas contain 105 calories on average). See the full list of food-related search terms below, and check out all of Google's Year in Search 2014.

Top Beer

1.                   Budweiser

2.                   Corona

3.                   Keystone

4.                   Miller

5.                   Blue Moon

6.                   Coors

7.                   Bud Light

8.                   PBR

9.                   Modelo

10.               Sierra Nevada

Top Cocktails

1.                   Margarita

2.                   Martini

3.                   Sangria

4.                   Mojito

5.                   Mimosa

6.                   Mint Julep

7.                   Moscow Mule

8.                   White Russian

9.                   Long Island Iced Tea

10.               Tequila Sunrise

Trending Recipes

1.                   Chicken recipes

2.                   Meatloaf recipe

3.                   Banana Bread recipe

4.                   Pancake recipe

5.                   Chili recipe

6.                   Crock Pot recipes

7.                   Lasagna recipe

8.                   French Toast recipe

9.                   Guacamole recipe

10.               Pork Chop recipes

Trending Diets

1.                   Paleo Diet

2.                   Atkins Diet

3.                   Gluten Free Diet

4.                   Mediterranean Diet

5.                   Dash Diet

6.                   The Military Diet

7.                   HCG Diet

8.                   South Beach Diet

9.                   Super Shred Diet

10.               The Doctor's Diet

Trending Calorie Searches

1.                   How many calories are in a banana?

2.                   How many calories are in pumpkin pie?

3.                   How many calories are in an apple?

4.                   How many calories are in an egg?

5.                   How many calories are in an avocado?

6.                   How many calories are in a cheeseburger?

7.                   How many calories are in a Big Mac?

8.                   How many calories are in watermelon?

9.                   How many calories are in an orange?

10.               How many calories are in a slice of pizza?

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