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A Complex Pedigree Makes Negra Modelo Perfect for Pairing

This Munich dunkel lager brewed in Mexico is just the thing for just about every cuisine.

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First brewed in Mexico in 1925 by Austrian immigrants, Negra Modelo is a Munich dunkel lager with a decidedly diverse heritage. Those varying influences produced a dark lager with balanced flavor that matches the sweetness of slow-roasted caramel malts with a touch of hops and hints of dark chocolate. Nearly 90 years later, this balance still pairs perfectly with everything from fried shrimp to barbecue ribs to a chocolatey dessert.

To celebrate the endless pairing possibilities of this storied lager, Negra Modelo partnered with renowned Chicago chef Rick Bayless to develop a dozen original recipes best served with Negra Modelo. From grilled chicken with ancho chilies to steamed mussels with roasted tomato, each dish highlights the flavors of Negra Modelo in a unique way. For all the recipes, head to