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Evil Restaurant Owners Tricked Immigrants Into Working as Cheap Labor

The workers were paid $1.50 an hour and were forced to work 12-hour days.


Peruvian restaurant Inca's Secret — located in Harrisonburg, Virginia — has a dark secret indeed: According to WHSV, the owners have been harboring illegal immigrants. Maria Rosalba Alvarado McTague and Felix Adriano Chujoy have been accused of making trips to Peru where they would "recruit victims to immigrate illegally to the United States" for the purpose of making them work at their restaurant.

McTague and Chujoy allegedly promised to help smuggle the victims into the United States and pay them for working in the restaurant. They also promised their victims that they would have a place to live. In exchange, they would have to work at Inca's Secret for six months to work off the "debt" they owed for being smuggled into the country.

However, upon arriving, workers were forced to endure longer than 12-hour days at the restaurant, seven days a week. They were also supposedly asked to "provide services outside of their work" at Inca's Secret. The immigrants were only paid $450 per month, which essentially works out $1.50 per hour and, according to the indictment, they never felt like they could leave the house. Alvarado and Chujoy apparently controlled the workers through "isolation, threats, and harassment."

NBC 29 writes that McTague and Chujoy have been charged with a slew of crimes including visa fraud, conspiracy, and harboring an alien. If convicted, they could face up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $250,000 for each charge.

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