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McDonald's Really Doesn't Understand Millennials

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The chain is now turning to ad agencies and media companies for help.


McDonald's is getting McDesperate when it comes to roping in those hip millennials and their pockets of disposable income. Chorizo-less chorizo burritos and DIY-burger menus don't quite seem to be doing the trick. According to the Wall Street Journal, the burger chain has "reached out to several ad agencies and media companies" for ideas on how to appeal to the generation. McDonald's believes that it needs a "charitable partnership" to better connect with millennials.

Apparently, the burger chain "is trying to tap into" the fact that researchers believe "millennials are very interested in philanthropy and are more likely to be drawn to brands that have a history of giving back." McDonald's is hoping that partnering with a charity will also help improve the company's "brand perception" and will help make it look like a "good corporate citizen."

Earlier this year, also in an effort to woo millennials, McDonald's gave its mascot Ronald McDonald a complete makeover. The hip McDonald now dons yellow cargo pants and a hipster vest and threatens to take selfies. Will a deeper understanding of the millennial generation help to improve McDonald's slumping sales? Time will tell.

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