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All About Melbourne Pizzeria's 99-Cheese Pizza

Somehow a combination of brie, halloumi, cottage cheese, and more creates a "nuanced" pie.

400 Gradi/Facebook

Can you name 99 varieties of cheese? Because that is just how many are on world champion pizza-maker Johnny di Francesco's latest pie. According to the Guardian, Di Francesco served the the Novantanove Formaggio, or 99-cheese pizza, at his restaurant 400 Gradi in Melbourne on Saturday for just a few hours.

To craft the pie, he creates a "super cheese" as a base by melting down 94 cheeses — including Swiss cheese, triple cream brie, and cottage cheese — in a large pot. The melted cheese is then thrown into a blast chiller to form a solid block. It is then sliced and shredded atop a disc of pizza dough. After that it is topped with the five remaining cheeses — fior di latte, buffalo mozzarella, goat cheese, ricotta, and shaved raspadura — to create what can only be called a lactose lover's dream come true. The labor-intensive pizza is actually quite a steal at just $23 ($18.88 USD), but it takes nearly an hour to make, so don't expect it to become a regular fixture on the menu anytime soon.

So how does a 99-cheese pizza taste? "Surprisingly nuanced." Check out a full list of the cheeses used, and an image of the pizza below: