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Football Player Chad Johnson Drops $300 Tip on Unsuspecting Waitstaff

He added the note "I LOVE YOU" to the tip.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Unlike some other sports stars, football player Chad Johnson is a pretty big tipper. According to the Washington Post, Johnson — who legally changed his last name to Ochocinco for a few years — racked up a $351.92 check on Sunday. He then left a a hefty $300.00 tip for the waitstaff at the undisclosed restaurant.

Johnson's not-so-modest tweet of the receipt reveals that while he may have had a lot of success in the sports world, he is lacking in the math world. While he wrote $300.92 on the tip line, he forgot to add in the $.92 to the total. Plus, the tip comes with strange phrases like "I love you" written in all capital letters and in quotation marks and "Sundays are slow, this should help," also written in quotation marks. Not quite sure who Johnson is quoting there, but maybe he knows one of the mysterious mega tippers behind TipsForJesus.

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