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Will Taco Bell Soon Unleash a Fritos Taco Shell Upon America?

An image from an investor presentation suggests yes.

Because the Dorito-ification of America is already complete, fast food giant Taco Bell may soon turn to a different Frito-Lay product for its next gimmick: actual FritosBusiness Insider reports Taco Bell's parent company Yum! Brands unveiled an image of a Frito-shelled taco in an investor presentation earlier this week, with the chip-turned-shell depicted under the heading "Revolutionizing the Taco." A Yum! spokesperson would not confirm the Fritos mash-up to BI, only vaguely saying: "We're always innovating and testing new concepts."

The Fritos shell would be a spin-off of Taco Bell's Doritos-shelled "Doritos Loco" taco, which was a monster hit for the chain: According to its own numbers, Taco Bell has sold a mind-dumbing one billion Doritos tacos since the product's launch in 2012. As a result, Doritos have popped up on other chain restaurant menus, most recently, on a "Doritos stuffed crust" pizza at Australian Pizza Hut locations. (Doritos menu items are also in the works at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is considering using the chips as "a crunchy topping for wings or tenders.") Fritos corn chips, meanwhile, have recently been spotted atop Papa John's pizzas. Of course, they've long been part of another culinary tradition: Southwestern Fritos pie, which is often served inside the bag, much like Taco Bell's presentation image. Updates as they become available.