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Baby-Faced Jamie Oliver Seeks Investors, Eyes Expansion

The so-called "Naked Chef" is worth $377 million (£240 million GBP).

Though British chef/world changer Jamie Oliver is one of wealthiest English men in the country with a fortune of £240 million pounds ($377 million), he's on the hunt for investors. The chef owns more than 30 restaurants across the globe and has his name on everything from books to frozen food to cookware. With his eyes on growing his media and dining footprint, he's currently looking to drum up a few more million according to a report from Reuters.

Jamie Oliver Holdings wants to expand its portfolio of restaurants, and Oliver — who has been known to dabble in online video creation — is wants to launch a web-based television series. Oliver currently has restaurants in Brazil, Russia, Singapore, Dubai, and across the U.K. The businesses are making a significant profit, according to documents released to Reuters.

Still, it hasn't been all positive news for the baby-faced British chef. His YouTube shows are loosing money, despite his laser focus on the medium. In October, Oliver announced the closure of two of his London-based culinary schools.