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Go Inside the First Sushi Restaurant to Open in Kabul, Afghanistan

Japanese expat Hiromi Yasui has run Bentoya since 2009.

Here's a brief but illuminating video about Kabul's Bentoya restaurant, the first sushi restaurant in Afghan capital. YouTube channel Voactiv pays a visit to chef/owner Hiromi Yasui, who originally moved to Afghanistan as a journalist in the early aughts. In 2009, she opened a sushi-focused restaurant in the landlocked country (her menu mainly uses shrimp, caviar, and vegetables), despite the dangers of the locale. As Voactiv notes, a nearby restaurant was bombed in January 2014, killing 21 people and driving many customers away from restaurants in general. "But now, slowly, slowly, customers are coming to the restaurant," Yasui says. Go, watch the video above.