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Restaurant Doles Out Discounts to Overweight Men, Skinny Ladies

Women can "earn" their free meal if they weigh less than 76 pounds.


Is it a "discount" or discrimination? A restaurant in Chongquing, China is raising eyebrows for its latest gimmick, which gives diners discounts based on their weightAccording to CRI English News, meals are priced by different weight categories, with meals ostensibly becoming cheaper for men the more they weigh. Men who tip the scales at more than 140 kilograms, or 308 pounds, get their meals for free. But for women, the reverse is true: Women who weigh less get the better discounts, with ladies "earning" their free meal if they weigh less than 34.5 kilograms (or 76 pounds).

Photo by ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Customers agree to be weighed on-site to determine the price of their meal. (Oddly, photos of the restaurant reveal a digital scale set up in the middle of a room laden with Captain America memorabilia.) The weight requirements were probably determined by owners to give away as few free meals as possible, but seriously — why not offer the same sliding scale to both genders?