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Michigan's Hippest New Bar Serves No Booze

Just a whole lot of clever "mocktails."

Brillig Dry Bar/Facebook

Michigan's newest, hottest bar doesn't serve beer. It also doesn't serve wine or even cocktails. According to M Live, it doesn't serve any alcohol at all. Instead Brillig Dry Bar, a pop-up bar in Ann Arbor, serves "hand-crafted" mocktails like cranberry and ginger ale sour, and a pomegranate-rosemary soda. The bar also sells coffee drinks from the coffee shop it popped up in.

Owner Nic Sims tells the paper she wanted to create "an alcohol-free place for conversation and connection." Sims adds that she herself hasn't had a drink in 20 years: "I love to go out on a weekend, but not in a bar. I wanted a bar-like convivial atmosphere, with snacks and drinks and conversation, without it being a bar."

The first pop-up, which took place December 5 was a "smashing success" according to Buzzfeed. The dry bar was especially popular amongst "former drinkers, pregnant women, Muslims, teenagers, and college kids" all of whom do not drink. Sims plans on hosting another pop-up on December 26.

Sims isn't the first person to think of a dry bar. An alcoholic addition recovery group opened a dry bar called the Brink in Liverpool, England in 2011.