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Just as leopards cannot change their spots, petulant Harvard Business School professors can't stop themselves from being unbearable and irrational. Just mere hours after professor cranky pants a.k.a Ben Edelman meekly apologized on his blog for his absurd blow-up over a $4 discrepancy between a printed menu price and the price he was charged, it's come to light that he has a history of similar antics.

According to, the former manager of a Boston-area sushi restaurant came forward with a "similar email exchange" he had seen several years prior. Not only does Edelman get mad over $4 discrepancies, but he also takes issue with the use of Groupon promotions.

In 2010 the villain to all small Boston restaurants took to email to fight with the management of Osushi Restaurant over not being able to apply his Groupon voucher on the prix fixe menu. The entire exchange can be seen on, but in short, Edelman once again took things to a new and ridiculous level, threatening this time to have the restaurant's liquor license revoked. Reprinted, in part, the letter reads:

By this email, I call on you to honor my three Osushi Groupon vouchers exactly as written, including for the prix fixe if I so choose, without any restriction of any kind. I also call on you to extend their validity for six weeks to reflect the day imposed by our resolution of this dispute.

Please confirm in writing that you will do so.

If I don't hear from you within the next 15 days, or if we can't resolve this matter privately, I will forward my complaint to the City of Boston Licensing Board, writing in opposition to your Common Victualler License and Alcoholic  Beverages License. I will argue that the City of Boston ought not renew such licenses to a restaurant that does not honor its contractual commitments.

Respectfully, Benjamin Edelman

Osushi Restaurant hilariously put Edelman in his place, writing that he should be "ashamed" of himself, adding that if he ever tried to return to the restaurant, they would call the police. Perhaps this deal-seeking, argument-loving professor should stick to cooking at home from now on.