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Watch Ronald McDonald Lose His Shit While Skydiving

Ronald is having a mid-life crisis. What's next? A red and yellow convertible?

Ronald McDonald, who has been McDonald's mascot since 1963, turned 51 this year. Perhaps that explains why he decided to go skydiving in Dubai a short time ago — he's having a mid-life crisis. And because he has 2,500 followers on Instagram, he decided to film it. Strapped onto an instructor, McDonald screams for his life as he falls 13,000 feet. He manages a soft landing and then screams triumphantly once grounded. It must have been a rush for the old guy, especially if he's been living on a diet of burgers and fries for the past half a century. There's no telling what McDonald, who aims to embody a bit of all of us, will do next.

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