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Taco Bell Plans to Put a Chalupa in Every Corner of the Globe With 3,300 New Stores

There will soon be Taco Bell locations in Japan, Peru, Poland, and beyond.


Taco Bell wants to make sure the entire globe lives más. According to a press release, the home of the waffle taco plans to open 1,300 international locations by the end of 2023. Businessweek notes that the chain would have to open a new restaurant every two to three days for the next nine years to hit that goal, and opening one is not cheap.

Currently, Taco Bell has a mere 250 international stores across 26 countries. It plans to start off by opening more franchises in countries in which it already has locations like Korea, Chile, the U.K. and India before expanding into Poland, Japan, Thailand, and Peru. Taco Bell International president Melissa Lora tells Businessweek that "these markets were selected for least some familiarity with Mexican food."

The pseudo-Mexican chain has tried very hard to expand internationally before without much success. In the 1980s the company tried to launch in the U.K. but had to close all locations by the mid-1990s. Taco Bell also attempted to corner the Japanese market in 1988 but never really took off.

The chain also has big domestic expansion plans up its sleeve: it wants to open another 2,000 restaurants across the U.S. by 2022. This means that within the next decade, there will be nearly 3,300 more places to get your Chalupa fix.