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Man Blamed Drunk Driving Arrest on Beer-Battered Fish

No one believed him.

Fitz's on the Lake/Facebook

File this under creative excuses: According to the Chicago Tribune, when a 73-year-old man from Friendship, Wisconsin was pulled over in October for a broken tail light and "erratic driving," he blamed his meal of beer-battered fish. The incident report — released yesterday — notes that an officer smelled alcohol on John Przybyla's breath and "saw that his eyes were blood shot." No "fishy smell" was documented in the report.

The officer asked Przybyla just how much he had to drink. Instead of admitting that he had been boozing, Przybyla attempted to convince the officer that his drunken state was due to beer-battered fish he had eaten at a fish fry, a common tradition in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, a breathalyzer proved otherwise and Pryzybyla was arrested for drunk driving for the tenth time. Looks like he has bigger fish to fry.