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Time Inc. Sells Off Sunset Mag's Seven-Acre California Campus

The magazine's test kitchens and gardens have gotten the ax.


Sunset magazine, the 116-year-old publication that chronicles food and lifestyle on the West Coast, will be forced to move from its seven-acre California campus by the end of the year. The New York Times reports its parent company, Time Inc., has sold the grounds, gardens, and its "grand dining areas and kitchen" to a San Francisco real estate company. The California campus also served as the site for Sunset's annual "Celebration Weekend," a mini food festival that has featured chefs like Lubo Lefebvre, Fabio Viviani, and Suvir Suran.

In a memo sent to staff, Time confirmed it will continue to publish the magazine and will start a "thoughtful search for a new home for our operations" after December 31. Many credit Sunset with pioneering California cuisine: In the NYT piece, Ruth Reichl offers a eulogy for the test kitchen: "They were so ahead of the curve. They made California seem like the most romantic place on earth."