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DC Diner Inadvertently Chomps $300 Bite Out of White Truffle

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A brunch patron at Equinox apparently thought the pricey truffle display was fair game.

What's it like to consume $300 worth of prized white truffles in one swift bite? Not that impressive, according to one Washington, DC diner. According to the Washington Post, a brunch patron at Equinox apparently mistook a display of Alba white truffles — intended to promote a $20 truffle shaving supplement — as complimentary offerings and took a bite out of one "the size of a silver dollar."

Co-owner Ellen Kassoff Gray, who operates the restaurant with her husband, chef Todd Gray, "politely approached the diner" when she spotted the marred truffle sitting on her bread plate; said diner "told her she didn’t like the taste and suggested the chef salvage the unbitten part." According to the chef, the bite was worth $300, a charge the restaurant did not pass onto the diner. Of course, those looking to intentionally eat some white truffles can do so at restaurants throughout the country, many of which are offering truffle supplements and shavings in what's apparently a banner year for the luxury food item.

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