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Legendary French Chef Joel Robuchon Opens New Restaurant at Ripe Old Age of 69

Robuchon already has 28 Michelin stars and hopes to snag a few more.

Inside La Grande Maison.
Inside La Grande Maison.
La Grande Maison/Facebook

Michelin star-spangled French chef Joel Robuchon has just opened a new restaurant in France's Bordeaux region, reports French news site The Local. The forty-seat La Grande Maison is housed in a 19th-century mansion that also incorporates "a bar bistro, L'Olivier, and six hotel rooms." The project is a joint effort between Robuchon and Bernard Magrez, a Bordeaux wine mogul. Diners can expect a high-dollar menu populated with luxurious French fare like beef Rossini, caviar jelly with cauliflower cream, plenty of foie gras, and Robuchon's much-lauded, butter-loaded pommes puree; roast poultry and whole fish are carved tableside.

Robuchon boasts the most Michelin stars of any chef, a whopping 28. Three of his restaurants located in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Macau have three stars each; he reportedly hopes to snare another three at La Grande Maison.