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Man Living in Ceiling of Denver Restaurant Manages to Flood the Place

He'd apparently been living in the ceiling "for some time."

A man was living in the ceiling of Denver's Yard House.
A man was living in the ceiling of Denver's Yard House.
Chris S./Foursquare

Denver police responded to a truly strange incident last night at the city's popular pedestrian destination the 16th Street Mall: A man who had apparently "had been living above the ceiling tiles of [a] restaurant for some time" had fallen through the ceiling, Denver NBC affiliate KUSA reported this morning.

After responding to the call at sports bar Yard House, police say they initially couldn't locate the man. They later "spotted him walking through scaffolding above the restaurant," after which he somehow tripped a water main, resulting in "massive flooding" of both the restaurant and a nearby Sheraton Hotel. The man ended up stuck behind a wall and had to be cut free by the fire department; he was taken to the hospital for "unknown injuries" and will reportedly face charges in light of the property damage.

Watch the local news story, below: