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Carl's Jr. Hops On All-Natural Bandwagon With Grass-Fed Burger

Will the clean-eating sect take the bait for the chain's new antibiotic-, steroid-, and hormone-free burger?

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Future home of the "All-Natural Burger."
Future home of the "All-Natural Burger."

Fast food chain Carl's Jr. is apparently trying to capitalize on the "clean eating" trend with its latest offering, an "All-Natural Burger" that will roll out to all stores next week. Per USA Today, the upcoming drive-thru offering boasts "no antibiotics, no steroids, no added hormones" and is made with beef "from grass-fed, free-range cattle" that's imported from Australia. (Judging by the looks of this new creation, Carl's Jr. also thinks "all-natural" means "terribly misshapen patty.")

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As expected, grass-fed beef comes at a slightly higher price than Carl's Jr.'s other burger offerings: The All-Natural Burger is priced at $4.69 for a single and $6.99 for a double, which USA Today points out is "nearly 60 percent higher than Carl's $2.99, Famous Star with Cheese." Although, that extra cost might be worth it for people who'd like to ensure they're not consuming the dreaded pink slime.

USA Today also cites a recent consumer survey showing that a whopping 72 percent of consumers think the word "natural" means "healthy," but drive-thru patrons should probably be aware that said burger still clocks in at 44 grams of fat and 760 calories.

The All-Natural Burger is just the latest effort in Carl's Jr.'s push to promote "healthy" offerings like lettuce-wrapped Thickburgers and deep-fried zucchini. Then again, no one's gonna stop you from pairing your grass-fed burger with a Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich if that's what you're into.