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Missouri Bar Offers Tasteless 'Michael Brown' Tequila Shot Special

File this under "really awful business ideas."

Mugshots: "where sarcasm is always free."
Mugshots: "where sarcasm is always free."

A Kansas City-area bar inexplicably thought it was a good idea to offer a drink special referencing the police shooting of Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown. According to local Fox affiliate WDAF, a bar called Mug Shots in St. Joseph, Missouri briefly offered something called the "Michael Brown Special" — six shots of cinnamon-flavored tequila for $10, referencing the number of gunshots fired at the unarmed Brown.

The bar drew the ire of a few protesters after a photo of a sign advertising the tasteless shot special hit social media, and by the following night the bar had renamed it "The Owner of Mug Shots is an Asshole Shot Special." The bar owner says he got the idea from other bars who were offering similar specials and insists he meant no harm, though he admits to WDAF that perhaps he "should have thought a little bit more about it" beforehand. (He also declined to be identified on television.)

According to the website Revolution News, Mug Shots allegedly has a history of posting racist Ferguson-related memes to its Facebook page. Watch the local news story below: