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Watch The Daily Show Mock Atheists Outraged by Prayer Discounts

A pissed-off atheist says prayer discounts discriminate against non-believers.

Last night The Daily Show presented a hard-hitting segment on "discriminatory diner discounts," centered around a Winston-Salem, North Carolina restaurant called Mary's Gourmet Diner that gives diners a 15 percent discount if they pray before they eat. This doesn't sit too well with "outspoken atheist" Dan Barker, a representative for the Freedom for Religion Foundation that compares prayer discounts to the race-based segregation that once dominated American restaurants.

Correspondent Jordan Klepper makes a thorough mockery of the group's outrage, insisting that there are plenty of other discounts available for non-believers: He suggests 15 percent off for "stifling a fart," or that atheists could simply pretend to pray in order to snag the discount. Barker insists he has "too much integrity" to pretend he's "talking to a ghost in the sky," to which Klepper responds with this sick burn: "You have that much integrity, but you'll bitch about paying 25 cents extra for eggs?"

Of course, it may all be a moot point now; the restaurant apparently stopped offering the prayer discount back in August for fear it could be sued.

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