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Pizza Hut's Tablet Menus Stalk Your Eyeballs to Guess Your Order

They're calling the eye-tracking device a "subconscious menu."

Here's a scary thought: Looks like this group of anti-restaurant-tablet fear-mongers were prescient after all. The Washington Post reports Pizza Hut locations in the United Kingdom are testing eye-tracking software on their tablet menus, which claim to accurately predict what the diner wants to order. According to its developer, the Sweden-based Tobii Eye Experience, the software monitors eye movements to identify which toppings on a Pizza Hut digital menu the viewer lingers upon the longest. In "a few tiny, tiny, tiny milliseconds," according to its introductory video, the software can guess which pizza toppings a diner's subconscious wants the most.

WaPo reports the menu tablet offers 20 different toppings, creating a potential for 4,896 different combinations. Should the software guess incorrectly (i.e., if a diner lingers upon the shrimp or pineapple toppings because they're puzzled, not intrigued), the diner can simply "reset" the tablet to start again. The eye-tracking tablet is in test mode at 300 UK locations, although a Pizza Hut spokesperson tells WaPo it might crossover to the U.S., depending on how well it's received. Go, watch the "subconscious menu" in action below:

Video: Pizza Hut Restaurants Subconscious Menu with Tobii Eye Tracking