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Gordon Ramsay Says His Father-in-Law Turned Him into a 'Performing Monkey'

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The chef also told the court that his father-in-law forged his signature.

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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is back in court and is once again feuding with his father-in-law Christopher Hutcheson. According to the Guardian, Ramsay has accused Hutcheson of using a "ghost writer machine" to forge Ramsay's signature on a 25-year-long rental of the York & Albany pub in London. This signature makes the chef liable for annual rental sum of £640,000 ($1.08 million USD).

Ramsay is hoping the judge will "grant a declaration that the rental guarantee is not binding" because his signature was used without his knowledge or consent. Gary Love — the owner of the York & Albany — believes the allegation is a bunch of baloney, and is an attempt by the chef to "wriggle out of his rental commitments."

Ramsay and Hutcheson have a long history of bad blood. Hutcheson used to be the business manager of Ramsay's companies until Ramsay fired him in 2010 for "gross misconduct." The chef even went so far as to hire security guards to prevent Hutcheson from entering the offices. In 2011, Ramsay accused Hutcheson of stealing £1.42 million ($2.2 million USD), hacking Ramsay's computer, and putting family members on the payroll, even though they did not actually do any work for the company.

The anger between the two has not subsided: Ramsay recently told the court overseeing the York & Albany case that he felt like a "performing monkey" because while he worked day and night, his father-in-law just sat around getting up to "no good" in a cushy office position.

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