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Pasta Pass Robin Hood Takes Pasta from the Rich and Gives It to the Poor

One Utah man used his Olive Garden Pasta Pass to feed the homeless.

Olive Garden/Facebook

While one man spent seven weeks using Olive Garden's most recent over-the-top promotion to gorge on nearly $2,000 worth of noodles, another man took it as an opportunity to feed the homeless. According to Fox 13, Utah resident Matt Tribe originally bought the chain's Never Ending Pasta Pass — which gave 1,000 brave souls unlimited bowls of noodles for $100 — to "fulfill his love of pasta." However, he realized he could use the promotion to spread some carb-filled joy.

Tribe decided to engage in "Random acts of Pasta." First, he started bringing surprise bowls of pasta to friends and family, but soon he realized he could use the bowls to feed homeless people. Tribe tells the station: "I realize it might be stupid to think, ‘I just gave them pasta, how does that make their day better?' But somebody did something nice for them."

Tribe aimed to give out 100 meals but surpassed his goal: He only fed himself 14 out of the 125 times he used the pass. Watch a video about Tribe's "Random acts of Pasta" below:

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