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Chef Magnus Nilsson's Fäviken to Close for 20 Weeks Each Year

Staff members will be given time to explore projects around the world.


Chef and The Mind of a Chef star Magnus Nilsson has announced that he is drastically altering the schedule of his Michelin-starred restaurant Fäviken. Located in Jarpen, Sweden the restaurant will now be closed for 20 weeks — or nearly five months — every year. During this time, staff members will have a chance to explore other projects.

In a note on the restaurant's website, Nilsson explains that during that time period, Fäviken's "core team" — both front and back of the house — will have the chance to spend time at the restaurant and at restaurants in other parts of the world on projects that will improve the future of Fäviken. Nilsson hopes that this opportunity will help the team "create new and unique experiences for customers" and will also help "integrate" the whole team into the creative process.

Starting on February 28, the restaurant — which is ranked number 19 on the World's 50 Best list — will shut it doors until July 1. This means that the restaurant's reservation procedures will also change. Details regarding reservations and the projects the team will engage in have not yet been released.

There appears to be a growing trend of famed restaurants temporarily shuttering their doors to take on new creative experiences: Denmark's Noma and England's The Fat Duck have both announced that next year they will be relocating to other countries — Japan and Australia, respectively — for a few months to take on new challenges.