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Don't Be Fooled by Fake Pizza Hut Coupon

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"Don’t do it. There’s no free pizza." — The FTC

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Pizza Hut/Facebook

There's nothing worse than when free pizza turns out to be a false promise. Except for when it turns out to be malware. According to the Federal Trade Commission's blog, a fake email is circulating that is masquerading as a free pizza coupon from Pizza Hut. The coupon is in honor of the chain's supposed 55th anniversary.

The email features a tempting "Get Free Pizza Coupon" button, but the FTC vehemently warns, "Don't do it. There is no free pizza." Instead the button will install malware on your computer. If the FTC's word isn't enough to quell the temptation to press the button, do note that Pizza Hut was founded in in 1958. This means its 55th anniversary was actually last year. See an image of the email below:


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