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Woman Leaves Unsuspecting Waitress a $1,000 Tip

It was on a $15.61 check.

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That band of merry mega tippers TipsForJesus have some serious competition: The Arizona Republic writes that a server at a restaurant in Colorado received a $1,000 tip this week. A woman dining alone at the Route 6 Café left the money on a on a $15.61 check making it a 6,406 percent tip.

The woman — who asked not to be identified — also left the server a note that read, "I have waited for the right person since seeing this on FB, and you rock." The mega tipper tells the paper that "someone on Facebook shared a story about paying it forward, so she decided to do the same." Perhaps it was the story of the couple who left a 150 percent tip despite encountering horrible service.

The server says the tip comes at a time where she really needs money: Her car had recently broken down and she will use the money towards repairs. Checkout the local news story below: