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Taco Bell Spokesperson Lorena Garcia Threatens Bookshelves With a New Cookbook

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It will most likely be Cantina Burrito Bowl free.

Lorena Garcia/Facebook

Fake "master chef," and inventor of Taco Bell's knock-off Chipotle bowls Lorena Garcia has landed a cookbook deal. Thankfully, Garcia is not about to publish a collection of recipes from her days as a Taco Bell chef/spokesperson who pushed chicken caesar burritos and other "healthy" dishes to help fans "live mas." Hopefully, it's not a series of dishes from her empire of two airport restaurants.

Publishers Marketplace notes that the book is called New Taco Classics and will put a "fresh new spin on tacos around the world," which means that sadly, it probably will not have a recipe for breakfast waffle tacos. So brace, world, Garcia is about to terrorize a cookbook shelf near you next Fall.

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