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Man Sues Bar for Gender Discrimination, Fails to Understand 'Ladies Night'

He wanted $4,000 in compensation.


Here now, your Friday dose of frivolous cases: According to the OC Weekly, a confused señor sued a Brea, Calif. restaurant for not offering him the same specials — that would be $5 appetizers and drinks — as the ladies on Señorita Night. Steve Frye told the the California Supreme Court that he had been a victim of sexual discrimination at Cha Cha's Latin Kitchen.

The restaurant, however, denied the allegations and pointed out that they offered Frye the same specials as the ladies — twice — but he turned down their offer. CBS writes that after a four-day trial, Jurors found the man's claims to be false and denied his request for $4,000 in compensation. This isn't the first time Frye has tried this trick: Turns out he has filed over 40 gender discrimination lawsuits over the years.

Someone buy this poor man a $5 drink.