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Russians Have Renamed 'Americano' Coffee Drinks 'Russianos'

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Geopolitical tensions are now affecting coffee orders.


Russia continues to rage against American foods, and the latest victim is coffeeAccording to a tweet from Tanya Lokot, the editor of RuNet Echo, some coffee shops in Crimea are no longer serving Caffé Americanos. Instead customers must call the drink a Caffé RussianoBusiness Insider notes that one coffee shop cites "the current geopolitical situation" for the name change.

Relations between America and Russia have been incredibly tense due to the conflict over Ukraine. In retaliation — though they deny it — the Russian government has taken to inspecting over 200 locations and closing over nine locations of McDonald's Russia. In August, Russia also banned pretty much all edible imports — including vegetables and cheese — from the U.S., Canada, the European Union, and Australia.

If anyone in Russia does indeed want to be able an "Americano" — an espresso shot diluted with hot water — by saying "Americano," they should probably head to the nearest Starbucks. The New York Daily News writes that despite the ongoing conflicts, the country's nearly 80 Starbucks are still operating.

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