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Square's Order Ahead App Is 'Very Useful'

Picking up coffee has never been so easy.


Mobile payment startup Square recently added a new feature to its app Square Order where customers can place and pay for their coffee order via their mobile phone. The app not only notifies the shop when the customer is within a certain distance so they can begin preparing the order, but also notifies the customer when their order is ready, thus streamlining the process. SF Weekly's Pete Kane put the app to the test and found that it was "very useful" indeed.

Even though Kane admits that he is typically "really skeptical of these things" he really enjoyed being able to skip the incredibly long line at Blue Bottle. Kane reports that the app worked as advertised, notifying him that his coffee was ready, when it was actually ready. He notes that while apps like this are "usually buggiest at the outset... this was smooth all the way."

The app doesn't just work at coffee shops however: Square Order works at many businesses that already use Square in San Francisco and New York City.

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