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Restaurant Serves Chicken Wings With Racist Note on the Side

The employee responsible was promptly fired.

When will people learn that writing racist notes on receipts are never a good idea? According to WSET, an employee at a Macado's location in Lynchburg, Virginia has been fired after a customer found an inappropriate note printed on the order slip that accidentally came with his chicken wings.

At the bottom of his order for 20 hot wings with ranch on the side was the phrase in all caps, "MAKE FOR BLACK PERSON." The angry customer posted the receipt on Facebook and returned to the restaurant to inform the manager. The employee who took the order did not deny writing the note and was quickly fired.

There is unfortunately a long history of racist receipts: In 2011, a Chick-fil-A cashier wrote the names "Ching" and "Chong" on the receipts of two Asian customers. In Los Angeles, a Korean American man received a receipt tagged with the phrase "chinitos" and in New York, an Asian couple sued a Hooters after their receipt identified them as "chinx." Go, watch the local news story below: - ABC13