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Stock Up on Spaghetti: Pasta Prices Are on the Rise

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This might be the perfect time to test out that low-carb diet you've always wanted to try.


Pasta is about to cost more dough: According to the New York Times, this year's harvest of durum wheat — the kind that is used to make pasta — is the smallest it has been in 13 years. The global durum crop "is down 12 percent from a year ago."

Pasta makers will face their highest production costs in four years, which means consumers will soon have to shell out more for a box of noodles. Italian customers will be hit the hardest: On average, they eat nearly 60 pounds of pasta per person a year. In the United States, consumers knock back around 19.4 pounds of pasta per person per year.

Pasta isn't the only food facing a price hike due to a small harvest. This year craft beer lovers are feeling a pinch too thanks to a small barley harvest in Canada. The country is the world's second-largest exporter of malting barley and this year, it harvested its smallest crop since 1968.