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The UK's First Cereal-Only Cafe Will Serve 100 Cereals From Around the World

There will also be 12 kinds of milk and 20 topping options.


London is about to get the restaurant it never knew it wanted: A full blown cereal cafe. According to Big Hospitality, Alan and Gary Keery — twin brothers from Ireland —will open the doors to their two floor cereal-centric restaurant, called the Cereal Killer Café, on December 10.

Once open, customers will find an international selection of over 100 different kinds of cereal. The twins have already sourced cereals from companies in America, Australia, France, South Africa, and even South Korea. Mashable adds that customers will also have the choice between 12 types of milk — including soy, rice, almond, and hazelnut — and over 20 toppings including Oreos and marshmallows. Cereal will be offered in small, medium, and large bowls and will cost between £2.50 to £3.50 ($4-5.50 USD).

The restaurant will also offer 18 different flavors of Pop-Tarts, toast, coffee, and cereal "combo meals." Most interestingly there will also be "cereal cocktails" which are not boozy but are instead cereal and milk mash-ups. For example, the Smore Than Words will feature Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate milk.

While the Cereal Killer Café will be the first of its kind in the UK, the concept of a cereal-only restaurant is not new. America is home to Cereality, a cereal restaurant mini-chain with locations in Texas and Virginia, and Washington, D.C was once home to a now-shuttered cereal concept called The Cereal Bowl.

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