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Starbucks Brings Back Eggnog Latte After Customer Uproar

The drink has been on the menu since 1986.


People really love eggnog-flavored coffee. Customer demand, and customer demand alone, convinced coffee behemoth Starbucks to re-release the seasonal drink nationwide this year. According to USA Today, the chain faced serious backlash from customers after it dropped its Eggnog Latte — a drink that has been on offer since 1986 — from the holiday coffee menu. Angry eggnog-coffee mashup lovers apparently took to social media, wrote letters and emails, and left many complaints with the chain's customer service line when they found out the the chain was only offering the lattes in stores located in the Pacific Northwest.

A Starbucks spokesperson tells USA Today that the company now realizes that they "made a mistake" and that they are "very sorry." So sorry, in fact, that they are now aiming to have Eggnog Lattes back in all stores nationwide by November 17, depending on how much eggnog the chain can acquire from its suppliers.

If eggnog coffee drink concoctions aren't quite your thing, Starbucks is also launching a brand new seasonal drink — its first new drink creation in five years — called the Chestnut Praline Latte. The chain will roll out the drink — in those distinctive red cups— nationwide November 12.

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