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Watch the First Magnus Nilsson Episode of 'The Mind of a Chef' in Its Entirety

In which the Fäviken chef explores the meaning of winter.

As promised, the third season of PBS's Emmy Award-winning docu-series The Mind of a Chef splits its time between chefs Edward Lee and Magnus Nilsson, and Nilsson's first episode is now available to stream online. The chef/owner of Fäviken kicks off his Mind of a Chef stretch with an episode dedicated to "Winter," a notoriously cold and dark season in his native Sweden. In the episode, Nilsson goes ice fishing, prepares his take on salt pork (it features pig head), and chronicles a day in the life of an Arctic clam diver.

Nilsson also articulates how the long winters influence Scandinavian cuisine. "Out of necessity and out of practical reasons, most of the [ingredients] will already have been stored somehow," Nilsson says. "So instead of trying to make that seem vibrant in a fake way, we'd rather embrace and enhance those characteristics." Go, watch the episode above.