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Sip Centrifuged Cocktails and Inhale Your Dinner at New Lab-Like Cafe ArtScience

Fun things happen when science meets food.

Cafe ArtScience

A new restaurant wants diners to literally inhale their dinner. According to Wired, at the science-inspired restaurant Cafe ArtScience in Cambridge, Mass. customers can enjoy several different foods — including after-dinner mints — from a series of "small tubes."Called Aeropods, the small cartridges filled with "dried food particles and nutrients" are inhaled with a tool called the AeroLife.

The AeroLife is just one of the many inventions scientist Dave Edwards and his team have created to bridge science and eating and change the way we consume food. Cafe Artscience is an extension of Edwards' Paris-based lab Le Laborataire where he invented items like Le Whaf, a gadget that allows you to inhale everything from pizza to chocolate.

While there are many French dishes — like duck confit and cauliflower velouté — on the menu, there are also other science-y eats. The restaurant is serving various types of Wikipearls — which are edible skins invented by Edwards that can be wrapped around foods — including a foie gras version . For example, the restaurant's bloody mary is spun out in a centrifuge "until it's clear" and features a tomato Wikipearl "wrapped in a worcester skin" at the bottom of the glass.

This all sounds cool, but the real question is, do calories still count when you inhale food?