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Restaurant Employee in Maine Tests Positive for Hep A

But officials refuse to reveal the name of the restaurant.


The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that a restaurant worker in the state has tested positive for Hepatitis AAccording to WMTW, officials believe that worker was handling food at the restaurant between September 29 and October 11. However, officials refuse to release the name of the restaurant.

The Kennebec Journal points out that there is a "public health benefit" to disclosing the name of the restaurant, because those who dined at the establishment between those dates would be able to monitor their symptoms. The paper notes that Hepatitis A can be treated better "if caught early." Often the symptoms can mimic that of other diseases like the flu. The disease is typically contracted through the "fecal-oral route by people who have not washed their hands well after going to the bathroom," and people handling food can easily transmit the virus to others.

Hepatitis A is unfortunately common in the restaurant industry. In June, it was announced that hundreds of diners may have been exposed to the virus at a Mexican restaurant in Colorado. Another 5,000 people were considered to be at risk for the disease in May after it was revealed that an employee of a Red Robin in Missouri tested positive for Hepatitis A.

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