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McDonald's McRib Is Made from Real Meat, 'No Bone, No Gristle'

Somehow, it still looks like scary fake meat.

The McRib is about to cause its annual feeding frenzy at participating McDonald's locations stateside, but many Americans are still turning their noses up at the chain's highly processed food. As part of its new campaign to demystify its menu and prove that it serves "real" food, McDonald's is carefully pulling back the curtain on its processing plants. Here's a video, produced by McDonald's, that gives viewers a look inside the plant that makes the McRib.

The only thing that's in the McRib meat patty is: "pork, water, salt, dextrose — which is a type of sugar — and preservatives." When asked what the preservatives are for, the McDonald's rep answers, "The preservatives are used to lock in the flavor, all the way to the restaurant." That's, apparently, how they "keep it tasting like grandma's barbecue."