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Watch Stephen Colbert Make Fun of Nazi Dairy Products and Disney's Wedding Cakes

"I like my coffee how I like my women — without Hitler."

Last night on The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert gave a wag of the finger to "Nazi dairy products." A company in Switzerland accidentally sold mini-coffee creamers labeled with the face of one-time dictator Adolf Hitler to nearly 100 cafes around the country, to which Colbert quipped, "I like my coffee how I like my women — without Hitler." It turns out that the creamer labels were based off of old cigar labels. Colbert notes that this means "at one point they made Hitler cigars, evidently for that cigar smoker who just wanted to be hated a little bit extra."

Colbert also poked fun at Disney's new Fairy Tale Wedding Cakes, which are only available as part of a $12,000 wedding package. What makes the cake unique is that Disney projects images on to it ("Yes the cake is still edible, as long as you're okay with some Tinkerbell droppings.") Colbert offers up an alternative cake: Stephen Colbert's Enchanted Princess Pixie Wedding Cake which features a green screen-frosting and unlicensed "Disney-ish" characters like Michael Mouse instead of Mickey Mouse, and Tiny Lobster Girl instead of the Little Mermaid for just $79.95.

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