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Guy Fieri's Thanksgiving Will Include Six Turkeys and So Much Donkey Sauce

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Plus, kale.

Guy Fieri/Facebook

Think your Thanksgiving Day celebration is over the top? You best take a lesson from the original kulinary gangsta Guy FieriIn an interview with Rolling Stone, Fieri reveals that he plans to make a lot of turkey this year: "We just have a few friends and family over, just 60 people for Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, I'm up at our ranch about an hour from our house and we're in construction, we're finishing building a deck and so forth, but I'm putting my kitchen together, my outdoor kitchen, and I have six turkeys to cook. So I gotta get the turkeys brined today."

When asked how he is going to prepare the birds, Fieri explains, "This year I'm stuffing a pork tenderloin inside of a de-boned turkey. So I've got a turkey here, I'm taking all the bones out of it and then hitting it with some sausage, fennel, sage, garlic, red chili flakes, and then I'm rolling it up and tying it off and roasting that whole thing. So that should be interesting. I'm calling it a 'Turketta.'" Fieri is also a fan of the 'Turducken' — a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey — which he says he's done "a couple of times."

On Twitter, Fieri added that he'd also be making two hams and "some amazing kale from the garden."

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