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Michael Chiarello on Todd English: 'He Was a Great Wing-Man'

California-based Chiarello was English's culinary school classmate.

Today's New York Post includes a great little piece on everyone's favorite aspiring bad-boy/perpetually shit-faced chef Todd English. Yes, English has been cuddling up with a new lady. And yes, he probably got drunk not long ago and made a fool of himself. But according to Page Six, Todd English loves his job. He tells the paper, "I walk down the streets and people yell out, 'Hey chef!'" He jokes, "They don't yell 'Hey lawyer!' Don't get me wrong, I love lawyers... I need them."

It gets better. California-based chef Michael Chiarello, who was once named Esquire's Chef of the Year, chimes in. Chiarello and English were in culinary school together back in the day. "Todd was a great wing-man. He'd get the girls, and then pass out and leave them for me."