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Cinnabon Will Sell 8,300 Cinnamon Rolls Every Hour This Week

That's 7,304,000 calories per hour.


Cinnabon is about to rake in the dough: Every Thanksgiving, the chain — which has a strong presence in airport terminals — sells over 8,000 of its signature cinnamon rolls every hour, nationwide. As Bloomberg Businessweek notes, the 880-calorie snack is a favorite among travelers, especially those in colder climates. So how many buns will the chain sell between today and Sunday, when the official Thanksgiving travel season ends? Over one million. Says Cinnabon VP of new market operations, "Some people wait all year to indulge."

Internally, Cinnabon execs call the holiday season, in which sales increase by 50 percent, "Jollybon." Cinnabon's location inside the Las Vegas airport is apparently its busiest this time of year.

Will calorie counts on Cinnabon's menus do anything to curb America's cravings for sweet and gooey cinnamon buns?

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