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This New Food Hack Is a Smart, Simple Way to Do Dinner

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What's the worst part about meal planning? The planning part. (We also would have accepted "grocery shopping.")

So how do you skip right to the good stuff: cooking and eating? Plated may just be your answer. This rapidly growing dinner kit delivery service brings fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipes to your door.

Plated is amazingly simple: You go to their site and choose the recipes you'd like. On your selected delivery date, a hand-packed box arrives with all of the specialty, pre-portioned ingredients you need to prepare your meals. If one of the dishes calls for two wild-caught salmon fillets and three ounces of foraged mushrooms, you'll get exactly that. Need a tablespoon of za'atar spice? It's in the box.

And since Plated takes care of the hassle of grocery shopping, all that's left is the enjoyable 20 to 40 minutes it takes to make your brag-worthy homemade dinner. The options vary week-to-week so you'll never get the same recipe twice. And at $12/serving for domestically sourced seafood, seasonal produce, and meat with no added hormones or antibiotics, many members end up saving money each week.

Ready to try this delicious dinner hack? Schedule your first box today.

UPDATE: Plated is extending an exclusive discount to Eater readers. Click here to get your first four plates FREE.