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Coca-Cola's New Milk Brand Sounds Like It's on Steroids

It will have 50 percent more protein and calcium than regular milk.


Coca-Cola is attempting to make up for years of loading bodies with sugary soda by launching a milk line. According to the Independent, the line will be called Fairlife and will go on sale in the US next month. Of course this isn't ordinary milk: Coca-Cola specializes in creating drinks not exactly found in nature. Their milk with have 50 percent more "natural" protein and calcium than regular milk. It will also have 30 percent less sugar.

Business Insider notes that the milk is produced on farms that are "fully sustainable." And that will cost customers a pretty penny: The company's North American chief Sandy Douglas revealed at a conference last week that Coca-Cola will "charge twice as much for it as the milk we're used to buying in a jug." This is because the milk has been "premiumised" and apparently tastes better.


To promote the new drink, Fairlife has launched a strange advertising campaign. Business Insider writes that it features women participating in a range of activities while wearing outfits made of milk. However, it looks as if "the ladies might be having weird laxative issues" instead.

While the company is now busy launching this new healthy milk drink, just a few months ago, Coca-Cola re-released one its most caffeinated and sugary drinks, Surge. At one point, Surge was banned from many schools because of its high caffeine content, which eventually led to the company pulling it from shelves.