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New Roller Coaster Restaurant Will Take You for a Loop

Nothing like having your risotto order delivered via roller coaster.

Courtesy of Rogo's

Sorry conveyor belt sushi, a restaurant in Abu Dhabi has figured out a new way to deliver food to hungry customers: Roller coasters. Rogo's — the world's largest roller coaster-themed restaurant — allows diners to order their meals via a tablet. The items are then delivered to each table by a table top-sized personal roller coaster.

The roller coasters feature everything from double loops to multi spirals, and even something called a "tornado track." The 360-seat restaurant — which occupies a massive 14,000-square foot space— features over 30 roller coasters.

So what can customers expect to get delivered to their tables? My Dubai writes that the menu features Asian and European dishes like asparagus and sweet pea risotto, a customizable burger, and items like sticky date pudding and salted caramel ice cream for dessert.

To prevent spillage while it travels down the tracks, each dish is served in an individual pot instead of plates and bowls. The owners of Rogo's plan to franchise the concept which means there soon may be a roller coaster restaurant opening near you.