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Espresso Machine Lands on International Space Station

Thanks to the Italians, of course.


It's official: The International Space Station now has better coffee options than most office buildings. According to Extreme Tech, Italy's first female astronaut arrived at the ISS with the first zero-gravity certified Italian espresso coffee machine in tow. Called the ISSpresso, it was created after an Italian astronaut returned from the space station in 2012 and "complained about the lack of good coffee."

Back in June it was revealed that espresso maker Lavazza, engineering company Argotec, and the Italian Space Agency had partnered up to create the space-friendly coffee machine. The machine itself is quite heavy and weighs in at nearly 50 pounds. Plus, to drink the coffee, astronauts must eschew mugs/Swarovski bedazzled tumblers in favor of sipping the hot liquid from straws inserted into plastic bags. Still, it probably beats boring old drip coffee by a lightyear.

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