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Superstar Cops Thwart Criminals by Dressing as Pizza Delivery Guys

To all future criminals: Don't use a stolen credit card to order pizza.

Seniore's Pizza/Facebook

If you've recently stolen a credit card, it's probably best to not order pizza with it. According to Berkeleyside, three robbers were caught early Monday morning when they used the credit card they had stolen off of a pedestrian to buy pizza. The geniuses placed the order very shortly after they had committed the crime. The victim learned of the charges on his credit card and informed the police who reached out to Seniore's Pizza, from which the pizza had been ordered.

The police intercepted the order, and dressed as pizza delivery guys. They took the pies to the fake address the criminals had given them and called them to let them know they had their pizzas. The suspects came out of a house on the same block and officers attempted "to detain them" but they fled back in to the house.

The police then surrounded the house and eventually the robbers — an 18-year-old man and two male juveniles — surrendered. All three were arrested on suspicion of robbery, violating a court order, possession of stolen property, and possession of a firearm.

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